Damel Group concieves the Integrity as the main Value of the Company. Loyalty and honesty rule all our acts in Our Groups of Interests, proceeding any time in transparent manner, and walk with the talk.

Our Clients and Consumers are the essence which moves us. Our main compromise with them is the quality of our Products, and Services, making the effort to obtain their maximum satisfaction, every time applying the best practices.

Our compromise Spreads out to the achievement of a complete clearness, and conviction of our Shareholders, and Partners. The arriving of the information to them clearly and transparent results for us of vital importance, due to, Only using these practices we are able to offer a sustained investment, and valuable on a long term.

Our Contributors are respected at all times, and we impulse, and motivate their personal, and professional development, to get it we try to:

To fulfill with the respect to the individuality, and development of the persons encouraging the moral values, and ethic norms.
To look out for the security and health, phisycal and mental, of our team member offering a suitable and safe atmosphere.,
To make sure the right progress in their functions thanks to the clear transmission of the information.
To promote the respect among persons. To cooperate with the labour organizations which defend the workers interests. To compromise ourselves with the responsible use of the information and protect its confidentiality and security. To assure the integrity and non corruption of the system.

Our Providers receive a honest and suitable treatment, they are respected and supported, with no discriminations, or impositions. All their purposes shall selected and developed with transparency and respect to the legality, any time based in the acquired compromises.

In addition, Damel Group is compromised to develope its labour in the market with integrity and respect in front of its competitors.

We are thoroughly counscious our labour in the society we live and we are working for.

This labour is based in the riches, and wealth generation for the society, the right publicity practices from the ethics, and respect; and the counciousness of the protection of the environment. In the same way we respect, and accomplish the laws required by the authorities, collaborating with them to the right applying of its functions.
Finally, we understand our responsability in the society is based in the sustainable use of the production methods, attending the principles of prudence and austerity, protecting the necessary rentability for our stockholders as for the company.

This is the compromise acquired by the whole Damel Group staff, which is expossed in the code of ethics of our company. The broadcasting, observance, and compliance is obligatory for all the members of the organization, applying the accorded meassures for its compliance.

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